Vesuvium invests in early stage ventures, providing not only capital but expertise, contacts and advice


Vesuvium is an investment company backed by family wealth. We do not have third party clients, we invest solely our own money. Decision making is quick and focused. Established in 1997, Vesuvium was set up to provide start-up and expansion capital for original and disruptive ideas.

Our investment knowledge covers many sectors, including Media & Communication, Arts & Entertainment, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare and Leisure. The founders of Vesuvium have more than 40 years of combined investment and operational experience.

In addition to its own capital, Vesuvium has a wide network of like-minded early stage investors who will often put their money to work alongside our team.


Vesuvium's long track record and proven investment prowess is based on three critical factors that underpin our investment strategy:

  • Original and Unique Idea

    We believe in first mover advantage. More than that, we seek out ideas that can disrupt and destabilise the status quo. We are risk-takers and willing to invest in companies and people that want to challenge the norm.

  • Opportunity to Scale on a Global Basis

    We invest in small businesses or fledgling ideas to make them grow. To realise their potential on a global scale. Our focus is on scalable ideas that can be rolled-out across the world. We like to THINK BIG and want to work with fellow investors, entrepreneurs and managers that THINK BIG too.

  • Ethical and Talented Partners

    We only work with people we can trust. And who have the highest ethics. And who are serious about what they do but don't take themselves too seriously. Life is too short not to have fun.